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Flower care tips

Use the tips below to enjoy your lovely roses even longer:

  • Put your roses in a glass vase, as a porous vase may retain traces of bacteria;
  • Use flower food in the ratio indicated on the packaging for every vase of cut flowers;
  • Remove the green leaves under the water level of the vase, but leave the thorns on;
  • Cut the bottom of the stem diagonally on a small surface with a sharp knife or cut it diagonally with trimming shears;
  • Arrange the roses in a clean vase with plenty of cold tap water containing dissolved cut flower food;
  • Never put roses in a draft or above a heat source. Also do not place them directly near fruit;
  • Keep an eye on the water level, as these flowers absorb a lot of moisture when in a vase;
  • Vase life can be prolonged by replacing the water with cut flower food after one week and diagonally cutting the stems again at the bottom;
  • Always clean vases with bleach (solution) after use.