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MPS A en MPS Socially Qualified

The MPS A label indicates that Van den Berg Roses has the highest ranking within the MPS certification system. This means that crop protection equipment, fertiliser, energy and waste are registered and used following a sustainable policy.

Van den Berg Roses has also implemented IPM (Integrated Pest Management). IPM means a focus on the growth of a healthy crop with minimal disruption of the agro-ecosystem, while stimulating natural pestilence control at the same time.

The MPS-SQ certificate is based on universal human rights and the behavioural codes of represented local organisations. The certificate supports the importance of working under the ethical behavioural norms and is a confirmation of the current work method.

Our staff


The employees’ children in Kenya are encouraged to follow education at one of the three primary schools sponsored by Van den Berg Roses nearby the nursery. We also have a number of teachers on our payroll.

Clothing is collected yearly in the Netherlands and distributed in Kenya to orphanages, schools and staff.

Van den Berg Roses has provided clean drinking water for its staff as well as toilet stalls for good hygiene. There is a clinic with two doctors at the nursery, where the employees and their families can be examined and treated. If they need further exams or treatment, employees are referred to the hospital. Employees have free access to the clinic and its services; their family members can be treated at discount prices.

Antiretroviral drugs are also distributed by USAID. However, a vitamin-rich diet is essential for the antiretroviral drugs to actually work. Therefore, Van den Berg Roses set up a vegetable project, in which the vegetables are distributed for free to the employees with HIV.


Waste water from the nursery is purified by the wetlands. Wetlands are large ponds surrounded by water plants and reeds with a purifying effect. The waste water from the nursery flows from one wetland into another. Vertifer grass was planted in and around the channels in front of the rain water drainpipe. Vertiver grass has the special effect of water purification; it also counters deforestation and soil erosion, improving the fertility of the soil.

Green farming


Green farming is a programme set up for the improvement and expansion of the Dutch suppliers’ market share in the Ethiopian and Kenyan market. The programme is carried out through collaboration in research, development and production.

Van den Berg Roses started growing on substrate and cultivation gutters, allowing the water and fertiliser to be circulated. The process is registered and measured by a local student of agriculture.

Fair Trade

Since 2014 Van den Berg Kenya has reached the certificate of Fair Trade. Fair trade is an organized social movement whose stated goal is to help producers in developing countries achieve better trading conditions and to promote sustainability. Members of the movement advocate the payment of higher prices to exporters, as well as higher social and environmental standards.

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