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The Avalanche+, one of the most beautiful rose varieties in the world. This large, strong and long cut flower offers top quality and shines at coronations, royal weddings and award shows with good reason. The pure luxury of this A+ brand is custom cut for top segment florists, critical consumers and true flower lovers who want only the very best.


The white flower with the occasional hint of green, giving the flower a fresh look and symbolising both finiteness and a new start. Whether it’s a full bunch or a bouquet, this flower is sure to make a lovely appearance. In many ways, it’s a versatile beauty.

Avalanche Peach+

The colour of a soft, orange peach. The flower has a tender but also stylish look and feel. With flower petals as soft as lips, it’s a popular flower.

Avalanche Candy+

A hard pink end of the petals with a lighter shade of pink on the outside makes every minute a surprise as this flower opens further. The colour of the flower is a bit defiant; it’s a little cheeky and always stands out.

Avalanche Pink+

Is the young pearl among the Avalanche+ varieties. The flower is a smooth pink, but with a slightly darker heart. It’s a colour reminiscent of soft silk, tender and tasteful.


The rose with a cup-shaped, cherry red-coloured bud in a rose that sets a different tone within the otherwise predominantly red and white range of colours. With its distinct colour, appealing bud shape and very long vase life, this brings joy to many a consumer. It exudes daring, originality, and warmth all at once, bringing many a bouquet and arrangement to life.


Warm, big, green buds with a reddish pink end give this flower a classic finesse. The authentic colours of the flower with a fine grained pattern highlight the characteristics of this flower. With its long lengths, this rose can decorate any set-up.