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Bud size 4 - 4.4cm
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In the Netherlands, Van den Berg Roses grows six varieties of roses: Avalanche+, Avalanche Peach+, Avalanche Candy+, Avalanche Pink, Layla+ and Brocante+.

Van den Berg Roses thus has a wide range of colours in the Netherlands; see below for the current range.

The Avalanche+ line is known for its special qualities. The flowers have a strong stem, with surprisingly few thorns. Furthermore, the blooms have large, heavy buds that always open. In combination with vase life of up to 14 days, the Avalanche+ is a unique variety which has won many awards. The Avalanche+ varieties are often used for special events (such as royal weddings). For more information, visit the Avalanche+ website.


The white flower with a light-green tint, which gives the flower a fresh look. Both in bunches and in bouquets, the flower always looks amazing.

Avalanche Peach+

The colour of a soft, orange peach. The flower has a tender look, but is as strong as all the other Avalanche+ varieties.

Avalanche Candy+

A hard pink end of the petals with a lighter shade of pink on the outside makes every minute a surprise as this flower opens further.

Avalanche Pink+

Is the young pearl among the Avalanche+ varieties. The flower is a smooth pink, but with a slightly darker heart. The more it opens, the more the flower acquires a soft clear pink colour.


A cup-shaped, cherry red-coloured bud in a rose that sets a different tone within the otherwise predominantly red and white range of colours. With its distinct colour, appealing bud shape and very long vase life, this brings joy to many a consumer.


Warm, big, green buds with a reddish pink end give this flower a classic finesse. The authentic colours of the flower with a fine grained pattern highlight the characteristics of this flower.


White, with a drop of champagne, so can the strong rose SnowFox best be described. Bright green leaves make the Snowfox rays in the vase or arrangement, with courage, guts and a little arrogance - just like the real fox - this rose wins the hearts of the people. A rose that will fit into most homes, from modern to hip soothing classical!