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Roses all over the world

Welcome to the colourful world of Van den Berg Roses, a name that stands for one of the main large-scale international rose growers in the Netherlands. It is a name that stands for quality in all areas, all year long. Van den Berg Roses is headquartered in Delfgauw.

Outside of the Netherlands, it has nurseries in Naivasha (Kenia) and in Kunming (China). In the Netherlands, Van den Berg Roses grows large-bloom roses on 120,000m2. We grow medium-blossom roses on an area of 700,000m2 in Kenya. 95% of our roses are for the international market and find their way to florists from Moscow to Los Angeles and from Oslo to Singapore.

Van den Berg Roses in Kenya aims to be a social safety net for its staff, their families and their town. It provides aid in health care, schooling and clothing.